Membership Freeze Policy. We understand that life happens. So we have the following freeze options available to assist you.

  • You may freeze your membership for a minimum of one month, a maximum of 12 months, or any number of whole months in between.
  • Freezes cannot occur during the first 90 days after enrollment, during a 30 day notice period for cancellation and cannot be applied retroactively or backdated.
  • During a membership freeze

        > You will be charged a fee for each month that you remain on hold that varies by your type of membership.

        > You will not be billed your regular monthly dues.

        > You may not use the club or any of its programs or services.

        > Any applicable annual fee will be collected.

       > A medical freeze is available in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island for $0 when accompanied by a signed doctor’s note.

       > Your obligation period will be extended by the amount of time your membership is frozen.

       > Following the expiration of your freeze you will resume standard monthly billing.

  • Members may request a freeze 

        > In person at any of our club locations

       >You may initiate your request through our contact us form or by partnering with the club directly. 

  • To ensure proper billing, please request your freeze at least 5 business days prior to your billing date.
  • Members can also initiate a freeze request directly through our billing partner by contacting Customer Care at 888-827-9262 /


All Sports Clubs and Lucille Roberts memberships may be canceled under terms agreed upon and outlined on the Membership Agreement. Certain additional rights of cancellation, including consumer right to cancel, may vary by club due to state/local regulations.

Sports Club and Lucille Roberts cancellation policy allows members to cancel their memberships

at any time by providing notice to the Sports Clubs in the time frame indicated by your agreement (minimum 5 business days). If appropriate notice is not provided, the member may be subject to another billing cycle and provided the additional month of club access.

Members may initiate a cancellation in person at any club location or by sending a cancellation via mail to the club. Until you have received confirmation of cancellation your membership will remain active. 

Members can also initiate a cancel or freeze request directly through our billing partner by contacting Customer Care at 888-827-9262 /